Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Birthdays Galore, FCA, and Ryan Seacrest

So here's the deal. My consistency in blogging is just... well pitiful. But enough moaning and groaning about my failures. Let's catch up.

Molli is 1, Paysli is 3... and Tim is 28. And y'all, all three of these birthdays took place within 3 weeks of each other. Don't get me wrong, I love me some birthdays, but whoa! Just too much for this mama. How do you celebrate 3 back-to-back birthdays really well? I don't know but we did it, and everybody was happy. However, I am going to have to have some major planning/organizational skills around the June/July months to get ready for... August 12th, August 17th, and September 2nd. Below are a few of the girls 1 and 3 year old photos (taken by the talented Sevyn Ezra Photography) as well as highlights from some of our birthday celebrations.

Hillsong Concert for Tim's Birthday!

Six Flags for Paysli's Birthday!
Okay, what else? Oh yes, our transition into full time ministry. It's awesome! We are seeing that God has specifically molded Tim for this position. He LOVES it and is doing a phenomenal job. Tim is constantly meeting new people, sharing the gospel, and bringing coaches and students closer to Christ. So proud of him, and we are blessed to serve so many communities in this area.

We have been blown away by so many who are faithfully and financially supporting this ministry! Because of these North Collin County FCA supporters, FCA Coaches and Huddles now have someone encouraging them, equipping them, and empowering them to impact lives for Jesus Christ. We are so thankful for the role our supporters and team plays in making this possible. God has truly answered many prayers!

See You at the Pole 2014

Tim teaching at a high school FCA huddle
See You at the Pole 2014

See You at the Pole 2014

See You at the Pole 2014

See You at the Pole 2014

FCA Huddle

... another FCA Huddle...
...and another

Tim with  FCA students he coached and taught before going into full time ministry with FCA
Tim's nickname around our house this week is Ryan Seacrest. Why? Because he is the MC for a big event coming up this Sunday at Prosper High School's practice football field. It's called Fields of Faith, and schools all over North Collin County and surrounding areas are going to be there. No pressure, right? We are so excited to to bring so many students together in one place and share the gospel. We can't wait for an awesome time of praise, worship, and revival! What an awesome night it is going to be. Thank you to Prosper HS FCA, Prosper FCA Adult Chapter, and Frisco FCA Adult Chapter for putting together this amazing event that is going to further His kingdom! We couldn't do it without you! This should be fun!!

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