Thursday, June 21, 2012

9 Months!

Well, Paysli Faith is now 9 and a half months old. Seriously, where does the time go? Pretty soon she'll be off to Kindergarten, getting her driver's permit, dating, graduating, off to college, married, and so on... : ) I really have been a bit of a wreck these last few weeks as I have started to think about planning her 1 year old birthday! Poor Tim has listened to me sulk about my baby growing up as he gently reminds me that her age is still given in months, she only has two teeth, and is in diapers.  But before I whine anymore about my sweet baby growing up, let me catch you up from my last post when Paysli was 5 months.
Unfortunately the ear infections continued for poor Paysli over the last several months. We knew when we could no longer remember what number ear infection we were on it was time for tubes. Thankfully, we were blessed with an amazing ENT and everything went smoothly (other than me just about losing it when they took her from me to bring her back to the surgery room!). Paysli had also struggled with clogged tear ducts from the time she was weeks old, which I am told babies typically grow out of around 6 months... but Paysli was not so lucky. Tear ducts procedures were also done at the same time that the tubes were put in. The ENT informed us that Paysli did have a large amount of fluid behind her ears which was also extremely thick (yummy, right?) and as far as her tear ducts, it was confirmed that Paysli's ducts were unable to drain correctly prior to the procedure. Ever since the procedures, we have thankfully stayed away from doctor visits and constant medications.
At the doctor. The day we lost count of how many  ear infections Paysli has had.

Waiting for surgery with Daddy. Mommy was a mess. So sad!


The last update on all things developmentally related, Paysli was rolling over. Well this little girl quickly mastered crawling and pulling up on anything and everything. She is everywhere! The days of her laying in swing or bouncer as we "ewww" and "awww" over her are long gone. The majority of our days are now spent sitting/crawling in the floor as Paysli crawls over, under, on top, and into anything and everything she can get to. She is pulling up on everything as well, which seems to bring along all the bumps and bruises that is so sad/scary to see such a young baby endure (yes, we have baby-proofed everything but somehow a 9 month old moves faster than her mommy/daddy can get to her). As far as speech, Paysli really seemed to "find her voice" after the tubes were put in. I think she enjoys hearing herself  (I think she gets that from somebody... but not saying names) and believes that everything she says is extremely important... so much so that everyone needs to hear what she has to say (Once again, I think she gets that from somebody... but still not saying names). We truly laugh at her all day as she pretends to read a book, gripes us out in her baby talk, and does adult-like turn taking in her "conversations" with us. This really is such a fun age to watch our little girl. We are learning a lot about her personality. She is a people watcher/analyzer like her momma and a goofball like her daddy. If music is on, she is dancing/clapping and if someone is giving a speech, prayer, etc. Paysli has something to add to it! Tim's brother recently got married and we quickly found out Paysli enjoys jumping in on prayers. We have also been a part of sweet speeches being given by friends/family as wedding/rehearsals/showers season is among us, and if Paysli is around she also seems to want to give a speech. We are fully aware that the party poopers are probably not a fan of our child, but those that enjoy a good laugh are. Paysli has also started doing her "mad face" (which I have no idea where she got it... we are all smiles at the Matthews residence :) ). We have laughed at this face for a few weeks now, but it wasn't so funny a few days ago during one of our Target outings where anyone who made eye contact with my child endured the wrath of the "mad face". Once again, Tim and I had one of those moments where we decided to laugh hysterically instead of freaking out about what these poor strangers would think about our child who looked slightly possessed.

Paysli had her first Easter which was a fun filled day with family! We are so excited about Paysli hearing about Jesus, his death, and ressurection as she gets older. I can't wait for her to hear what her God has done for her!

Next, I had an amazing first Mother's Day,  which Paysli was dedicated that morning at our church (Prestonwood Baptist Church- North Campus... come try it out if you haven't. It's where all the cool kids are : ) ). It was a day full of a variety of emotions. Celebration of being a mommy to Paysli but also remembering the few Mother's Days before where I had reached some of my lowest lows due to my previous miscarriages. Tim and I ended the day with celebrating all the sweet babies that have blessed me with the title of "Mother" regardless of if those precious babies are here on this earth with us or are waiting with our Maker for Mommy and Daddy.

Tim also celebrated his first Father's day and what a day it was! When we woke up, I whispered to Tim "Happy Father's Day!" and he replied "I still can't believe we're parents!". Which I have to agree. I still feel like we are the goofy 16 year olds we were when we first started dating... but now we're sooooo mature :).

School's out for Summer! That's right people, summer break is here and oh how I LOVE it! I am loving my time with Paysli and Tim. With Tim being a coach and teacher he too is off. We are truly being spoiled with our time with Paysli! I soooooo dreamed of being "bored" many times the last weeks of school, and while "bored" is non-existant when you become a mommy, I am loving being very close to it! And if you need proof... I am actually reading a book! Yea, you heard me... I am reading a book... one with chapters, no pictures, and with what I think is pretty big words in it. My sister passed along "The Ministry of Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson to me, and I must say I like this whole "reading for enjoyment" thing.  All joking aside, this book has really opened my eyes as far as reaching the heart of my current and future children by looking into Christ's example. I am a few chapters in and my thinking on "parenting" has really evolved. I would definitely reccommend this book to mothers and even fathers. In closing, the following is a prayer in the book that I LOVE and read/pray often since reading it:

A Mother's Prayer

"Most Gracious Lord,
Help us remember, in all the moments of our days, that taking time to cultivate a close relationship with our children is what will open their hearts for you. Give us strength and grace to listen to their dreams, to comfort them in their sorrows, and to mke ourselves available for their needs. Help us remember that they want our attention more than our service. Thank you that you made yourself available to people and that you always make time for each of us.