Sunday, November 11, 2012

Guess who's 1!

Well, I would like to start off by informing everybody that I have won the Mother of the Year Award. How?, you might wonder... by waiting till my child is 14 months till I blog about her one year birthday. Wow, Kati... great job! :) That's right people, while most first time momma's are bombarding your Facebook with pictures of balloons, smash cakes, and presents, this momma has dropped the ball. Hey, but better late than never right?

Our little girl is growing up fast and we were blessed to celebrate her one year birthday with some pretty amazing people! My mom and dad were gracious enough to host a small get together for close family and friends. As far as a theme for the party, Paysli was not blessed with a momma who is creative nor very into themes. I am that girl who loves her some Pinterest, but never attempts to make the "inspirational" items she tags to her boards. Maybe one day Paysli! Instead, I found different items with a variety of colors and patterns. I figure Paysli will start choosing her "themes" in the next few years so why not take it easy for now.

We had such an amazing day. We were reminded how special our little girl is and just how many people love her! We were overwhelmed with memories, like the night we went to the Saturday Night worship service at Prestonwood's Plano Campus. We were super excited to see our sweet friends Morgan Smith (now Morgan McMullen) and Matt and Courtney McCollum there. Then during a short time in the middle of worship, Associate Pastor Jarrett Stephens asked those who were in need of prayer to stand. Tim and I stood as we knew we were 10 weeks pregnant with our precious Paysli Faith, but terrified due to the second miscarriage we had gone through a few months before at 10 weeks. Several people gathered around us, some we new and some we didn't, and prayed over us. It was great to have Morgan, Matt, and Courtney with us to celebrate one year of having Paysli on this earth with us!

Paysli also had so much fun with Uncle Craig, Aunt Wendi, Uncle Jared, and her cousins Luke and Kynli! Luke helped Paysli open her gifts and Kynli helped Paysli eat her smash cake.

And then it was nap time! :) Bahahaha!

 Everybody told Tim and me how our lives would never be the same after having a child. While we listened, we had no idea how right they were! It is one of the hardest things we have ever done, but oh my goodness, we wouldn't change one thing!


You are such a precious gift from our Lord. You taught your mommy to have faith and trust in Christ when she wanted to be in control. You taught mommy to have patience, during pregnancy and since you have walked on this Earth. You make your daddy's eyes light up like I have never seen anyone do before. He is so proud of you and loves you more than his own life. We do not make one decision without thinking about how it will effect you. We pray that your heart will be after Christ like ours are. We dream of the days that you will proclaim Jesus as your Lord and Savior. We can't wait to walk beside you through this temporary life on Earth as you share the Gospel with others. We pray the same prayer for you that Daddy and I once had prayed over us on our wedding day. "Father, grant her enough tears to keep her tender, enough hurts to keep her humble, and enough failure to keep her hands tightly clinched in Yours. Yet please oh God enough success to reassure her that You are her God and You walk faithfully with her." We love you Paysli Faith!


One year later