Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

So it's December 31st. Really? I can't believe it.

2013 was so full. Full of craziness, a few tears, lots of laughter, and overall a complete blessing. So how does one re-cap 365 days? Well here goes nothing...

January: Many didn't know, but I was preggers with Molli. I was super sick and anxiously waiting to hit that 12 week mark to hopefully be in the clear of a miscarriage. And when 12 weeks came, we were in shock that Molli was a healthy baby due to the miscarriages I had before getting sweet Paysli. At the end of January we finally announced I was pregnant with Miss Molli!

February:  I was super sick. But in all that yuckiness, we found out I was having a girl!... and then I was sick some more. And I am sad to say I failed at my motherly "take 5 million photos" duties because I felt like poo. Yep, no pics for February. Whoops!

March: I started feeling really good, but unfortunately Paysli spent most of the beginning of 2013 sick with ear infections and yucky sinus infections. Paysli had tubes put in her ears in 2012, but having her adenoids removed was next on the list. For Spring Break, we stayed a night  in Fort Worth, went to the zoo, and went shopping a bit! Also, Easter fell on the last day in March this year (weird), and it was a great one!

April: I was 6 months pregnant and Molli really started to grow (which means I did too!...whoa!). We participated in Walk for Africa through our church. We also celebrated Audrey Kate's 1st Birthday (sweet friends' Matt & Courtney's little girl).

May: In May I celebrated my second Mother's Day with my sweet family. Kynli, my sister's daughter, turned 2, and Tim graduated with a Master's in Educational Administration (He's kind of amazing... I'm biased).

June: The Texas heat arrived just as I started to get uncomfortable in my pregnant body. I was blessed that it was a cooler summer than most though! Summer break arrived and we were ready to have fun... or as much fun as a really pregnant lady could have. We also decorated Paysli's new "big girl room" and she did so well with that transition... it was too easy... but we will take it! We also had lots of fun with Luke and Kynli (Paysli's cousins).

July: I was ready for Molli to be here! I was pretty much glued to our couch this month. The fatigue and aches got me... I was down for the count! I was able to celebrate July 4th with the family, and we had a blast (I spent the last 3 weeks of the month exhausted from celebrating July 4th. Ha!).

August: I was "REALLY pregnant". Like the "REALLY pregnant" when people stare and make funny comments like... "whoa!", "you look like you're about to pop!", "are you over due?", "the swelling is pretty bad in this Texas heat, huh?". Haha!... I'm pretty sure I wasn't laughing then, but it's funny now. And then on August 12th, Molli Grace decided she wanted to see her mommy and daddy a little over a week early. I will never forget Tim that day when my water started to break as he giggled like a little kid and said "this is so exciting!" All I could think at the time was, "Well I'm glad I'm providing you a little bit of entertainment today as I go into labor." We grew into a family of 4 that day, and Molli is a true gift from God. We later celebrated Tim's birthday on the 17th (The whole family's birthday's are close together).

September: September up to now is a bit of a blur... but I've got pictures to prove we lived through them! We celebrated Paysli's 2nd birthday, and we went to church as a family of 4 for the first time. Football season for Tim was underway, and I was soaking up all my time with the girls during maternity leave. We also potty trained Paysli successfully!

October: I turned 28, and we continued to adjust to being a family of 4. Molli was now 2 months and we had a blast with Paysli at Prestonwood's Fall Festival!

November: Molli turned 3 months and this was the month that she started becoming easier. She started interacting a bit more with us too! Paysli began really catching on to gymnastics (that we started in May). She loved getting new leotards too for gymnastics. Tim and I were blessed to be a host home for Disciple Now at our church. We met and hosted several 6th grade girls and what a blessing it was to serve!

December: We enjoyed a few snow days, did many crafts and baking, and loved on our girls. Molli even starting sleeping through the night! HALLELUJAH! We also received shocking news that I was diagnosed with Melanoma, but after a procedure, the cancer was successfully removed from my body. Praise God! Paysli got her first haircut from her awesome aunt Chelsea after watching the whole family get their hair done. AND THIS JUST IN... just a few hours ago Miss Molli rolled over for the first time! What a neat way to celebrate New Years Eve! Way to go Mollers!

 What an awesome year! I had many lovey-dovey, cheesy, sweet things I wanted to say about this year... But after putting this blog post together... I'm pooped. Both girls are tucked in, and I think I'll grab a cup of coffee and curl up on the couch with my man to ring in the new year. (I think that last sentence just summed up what a great year it's been and how much our Lord and Savior has blessed the Matthews crew!) Happy New Year Everyone!